Desmond Daly – Equity Director at Magna Group


Desmond will be speaking on the ‘NEW’ deal analyser they use at the Magna group and how they fund their amazing projects. 

Desmond has raised money for films and he has worked in Financial Services for over 25 year and was regulated for over 21 years. He has helped build up one of the largest IFA firms in Scotland, specialising in Advising High net worth Clients on Investments and Pension planning. He also raised over £20,000,000 for International property projects around the world. He has a network of Global Investors looking to take advantage of the U.K. Property markets.

Rachael Troughton

Rachael will be delivering her experience on 
‘3 Ways to keep your portfolio profitable’.
Rachael has been buying, renovating and letting properties since 2004 for herself and for our clients – to date we have sourced over 55 properties predominately in the Stoke-on-Trent city area.
As part of my portfolio I have also built new homes, creating a different income stream – a variation on Buy-To-

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