Tuesday 7th March 2017

      Shelley Bridgman & Frank Flegg

We are delighted to welcome Shelley & Frank to the LPMU

on 7th March 2017.

Shelley Bridgman
unnamedShelley ran her first business aged 26 and by the age of thirty five had run four businesses including one which failed in 1990 leaving her with personal debts of £200,000. A successful career in Financial Services when she first learned the highs and lows of property investing was then followed by a career as a Psychotherapist, Author and Keynote Speaker at Conferences. She will share the lessons learned and how to develop the mindset needed to overcome failure and become successful.
Shelley frequently appears in the media as a Psychology expert. In 2014 she wrote a best selling biography entitled “Stand-up for Yourself  which was shortlisted as best self-published book of that year by Writing Magazine.


Frank Flegg  – “Ending Homelessness globally: A journey via employment and financial freedom with a few detours along the way”Frank-Flegg
Today Frank‘s a happy family man and successful business man, but it wasn’t always this way. Ten years ago Frank was a secondary school biology teacher. Disillusioned with the educational system and fed up with the rat race. He started in property in 2007 and has overcome several substantial challenges along the way.
Over the last nine years, Frank has built up over a Million pounds of equity and a portfolio of 50+ properties. He is the founder of “The Frank Partnership”, a National franchise supporting experienced Property Investors to raise their game to the next level. A proactive Property Investor, in fact at time of writing this, Frank‘s in process of purchasing seven properties. Frank‘s an avid learner and he’s still passionate about teaching – sharing his knowledge and helping others. Frank‘s major purpose in life is his charity work and mission to house 1,000 Homeless People within the next six years.